Specialised Dementia Care program – the first in Tasmania

Our Specialised Dementia Care Program (SDCP) will commence later this year in Waratah, a purpose-built cottage-like unit of 9 rooms on our Windsor St site.

Glenview was awarded funding and support from the Commonwealth Department of Health to deliver the program, which has been operating in mainland states for more than five years.

Our CEO Damien Jacobs said this program is essential for dementia care in Tasmania.

“Our specialist SDCP staff at Waratah will provide high-level tailored care to people living with dementia who exhibit severe behavioural and psychological symptoms. People who are unable to be cared for effectively at home or by mainstream aged care services,” Mr Jacobs said.

“The last place that these clients should be is in a hospital, but this is often the case unfortunately. Our objective is to reduce hospitalisation of these vulnerable people. The Tasmanian Health Service will augment the SDCP and provide extra care support.”

“When SDCP clients enter Waratah, our staff support them to work through any severe symptoms with the goal of stabilizing their behaviour. Ultimately, using our person-centred, multidisciplinary approach to care, clients will be able to move into a less intensive care setting,” Mr Jacobs said.


Eligibility for the program is ONLY assessed by Dementia Support Australia (DSA) not Glenview.

Clients may be referred by anyone, including families, residential care home staff, hospitals, or older persons’ mental health units by visiting www.dementia.com.au/sdcp or calling 1800 699 799.

WARATAH to open in late November

Waratah is expected to start the Specialised Dementia Care Program in late November 2023.

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