A regular guest at Hotel Bisdee

Riet DeWilt stayed for 5 nights at Hotel Bisdee while her family holidayed in Queensland. The 84-year-old said she would be fine by herself at home but wanted her daughter to have peace of mind and enjoy the holiday while knowing that Riet was safe.

Hotel Bisdee is a unique model of respite accommodation built within the Bisdee Community Centre on Windsor Street, Glenorchy. Technically it’s ‘cottage respite’ which means it has only a few guests at a time.

The program has been designed specifically for short-term stays to assist families and carers to take some time off for themselves and recharge. Guests enjoy 24-hour personal care and activity programs including lunch outings, art, exercise, and more if they want to join in.

Riet visits the Bisdee Community Centre or ‘day centre’ as it is known, at least 3 times a week and has done so for 8 years. She used to catch the bus there, and now the Glenview bus collects her from home.

The Centre is open for day respite, 7 days a week from 7am. Hotel Bisdee operates 24/7 for respite care, and guests are welcome to join the day centre group to participate in the activities.

Proudly showing off her room at Hotel Bisdee, Riet said “These are nice rooms, aren’t they? It’s clean here, and comfortable. The bathroom is huge! The staff are very caring and take time to answer questions.”

“Would you come back to stay at Hotel Bisdee?”

Riet was enthusiastic: “Oh yeah! It’s just like a holiday you know with bus tours, lunch outings, and making friends. I’ve always called Bisdee my second home, anyway!”