Meet our Korongee clinical nurse manager

When Helen Courtney-Pratt joined the Glenview team last month, she brought along her experience and passion for enabling people to live their best life.

Looking at her extensive career, you can see that this theme of respect for the capability of others, has been nurtured throughout.

Helen has worked as a registered nurse in a variety of roles in the healthcare sector, she has supported undergraduate nurses in clinical placements and also currently coordinates a third year unit in the Bachelor of Dementia Care at the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre titled dementia-friendly societies.

And now she joins the Korongee management team as our clinical nurse manager, where a big part of her role will be enabling opportunities for people living with dementia to make decisions about the support that might work best for them.

“As the clinical manager, I will be pursuing authentic partnerships with residents and families to ensure their care needs are met and exceeded. To achieve this, I will partner with all staff to support them to develop their expertise in dementia care provision and to understand the importance of ongoing development and partnership with others.”

Helen says she is excited about the possibilities emerging from the Korongee project.

“It is a unique opportunity to provide care in a contemporary setting, and to focus on excellence in care delivery to people living with dementia.”

Ongoing research on dementia design and quality of life is a key element to the project, explains Helen.

“The design elements have been integrated based on current evidence, and we have the capacity to further develop what is known in this area. At the same time, we will conduct research with residents, families and staff to understand the impact of village living/ lifestyles on quality of life and stress, as well as the established quality clinical indicators.”

She says the pursuit of excellence at Korongee through dementia design elements and person-centre care can have a huge impact on the lives of the residents living there.

“This leads us to be hopeful that improvements in quality of life, together with individualised person-centred care, will result in people having a sense of belonging and lead to a meaningful life.”



Meet our Korongee clinical nurse manager