A woman pedals a trishaw with a passenger through Korongee Dementia Village in Tasmania

The European influence on Korongee

Korongee will draw on a range of international best practice models, particularly the Hogeweyk dementia village in the Netherlands.  Glenview CEO, Lucy O’Flaherty, visited Hogeweyk in 2014 and she was inspired by the transformative health and wellbeing benefits village life had made to people who live there.

Hogeweyk is a specially designed village with 23 houses for 152 living with dementia, who all need attendant care.  The residents manage their own households together, supported by a team of staff members and the village has streets, squares, gardens and a park that the residents are free to enjoy.  The Hogeweyk village also offers a range of onsite facilities, including a restaurant, a bar and a theatre that can be used by Hogeweyk villagers and residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

If you are interested in learning more about the European influence on Australia’s first dementia village, take the time to check out the Hogeweyk website.