Korongee update – June 2020

We are now five weeks away from opening the doors to the world and the excitement around here is certainly growing!

As we speak, our new Korongee team members are being interviewed and shortlisted, with a two week on-site induction set to kick off at the end of June. In addition to training on manual handling, food safety, and other topics relating to aged care, staff will undergo intensive training with Dementia Tas.

Our dementia consultant will lead workshops and interactive sessions on a range of subjects relating to dementia such as changed responses and the importance of engagement.

This training will be key to their new roles at Korongee, where they will spend each day working alongside people who are living with dementia.

As for the village itself, Korongee is designed to recreate real life experiences for people living with dementia, and the village structure is based on a typical Tasmanian streetscape.

Glenview CEO Lucy O’Flaherty said the timing of this project highlights the need to change how we provide care for people who are living with dementia who are no longer able to live in their own home.

“Korongee returns to the simple home truths of ‘it takes a village’, pushing the boundaries in terms of doing something innovative and different in aged care,” she said.

One of the key elements of the village design is the small house model, which forms the basis of the design of Korongee.

“It highlights the significance of living in small houses with people whose values you share and have something in common with. In large buildings, the sense of institution is unavoidably present when you walk through the front door and any well-meaning ideology can easily be lost.

“With a village like Korongee, you walk into small homes, all with dementia design principals throughout, and a sense of the everyday is much easier to maintain.”

Stay tuned for more updates as we draw closer to the official opening of the village, which is set for mid-July.

Korongee update – June 2020