Graham displays a Danish flag which has a white cross on red background

A vexillologist in our midst 

GRAEME Cairns joined the Bisdee Community Centre 18 months ago, attends regularly during the day, and occasionally stays overnight at Hotel Bisdee. Graeme enjoyed going out on the Bisdee bus trips last year. Now, he prefers to participate in the various in-house activities offered within the program.

Graeme mentioned his interest in flags to the Bisdee clients and staff and described himself as a vexillologist. He is a member of Flags Australia and has attended conferences with the International Vexillology Association.

Bisdee staff and clients learned a great deal about flags at an exhibition of Graeme’s collection. The group learned that the national flag of Greenland has a circle in the middle to represent the sun rising behind icebergs, and the flag of the United Nations has a world map to illustrate its main purpose, peace, and security.

Graeme showed the group the Danish flag, “Dannebrog,” the oldest state flag in the world still used by an independent nation. He said he thinks Nepal’s national flag is arguably the most unique in the world.

Graeme started collecting flags and banners more than 12 years ago when he found some in a second-hand shop and decided they deserved his respect. Now, he even has a flagpole in front of his home.

The Bisdee Community Centre lets families and carers have a well-earned break while knowing that the person they support is cared for by skilled staff in safe and comfortable surroundings. It’s an essential way for both sides to relieve stress and recharge.

If you are interested in spending a few hours with others, would like an overnight stay, or would like to stay for a few weeks, call us and see if Bisdee is for you at 6277 8800.