Korongee featured in 2020 World Alzheimer Report

It’s an incredible honour to have Korongee Village included in the 2020 World Alzheimer Report. The theme this year is dementia-related design and the built environment. The report looks at design progress to date, pioneers and innovators, design principles, regional and cultural contexts, the importance of including people with dementia in every stage of the […]

The dementia design elements behind Korongee

Hear from the director of the Wicking Dementia Education and Research Centre, James Vickers, and Glenview CEO Lucy O’Flaherty talk about how dementia design elements and person-centred care can have a big impact on the lives of the residents who call the village home.  

Meet our Korongee clinical nurse manager

When Helen Courtney-Pratt joined the Glenview team last month, she brought along her experience and passion for enabling people to live their best life. Looking at her extensive career, you can see that this theme of respect for the capability of others, has been nurtured throughout. Helen has worked as a registered nurse in a […]

Call-out for community members to take part in a Korongee research project

Researchers at the Wicking Centre, in consultation with Glenview, are seeking input from people interested in the development of the model of care for the Korongee village. Members of the Glenorchy local community are invited to participate. There are three ways you can participate: group meetings over online video calls individual interviews in person, over […]

Australian Dementia Forum comes to Hobart

Our dementia consultant Ros from Dementia Tas attended the Australian Dementia Forum in Hobart last week. This is what she said about the experience: “It’s been great to be able to continue the conversation about dementia and to meet many enthusiastic people who are working towards making a real difference for people who are living […]