Visitor’s Code of Conduct

Glenview recognises the importance of visitors to our homes and the contribution they make to our resident’s wellbeing. It is vital that visitors are mindful that they are in a resident’s home.

Here are some important things to remember and follow when visiting our homes, this will ensure a safe and pleasant visit for you, our residents, other visitors and staff.

If you have any questions please email Janet, EA to the CEO [email protected]

Glenview visitor’s code of conduct

Be prepared to answer visitor screening questions, truthfully and follow

Follow infection control directives, for example mask wearing, washing hands,
remain in designated areas and social distancing.

Act and behave in a manner that respects the identity, culture and diversity
of our residents and staff.

Act with respect, courtesy, and honesty towards others.

Maintain confidentiality, privacy and dignity of our residents and staff.

Respect the rights of our staff to work in a safe environment free from harassment
or intimidation.

Follow instructions from our staff when asked and in a cooperative manner.

Please do not take photos or videos of staff or residents, or post items about them
on social media without the prior approval of the Clinical Nurse Manager.

Things that Glenview will not tolerate from visitors include:

Behaviour that makes residents, staff and other visitors feel unsafe and upset. This
includes threatening or violent behaviour, abusive language, bullying, defamatory
language or other inappropriate conduct toward residents, staff and other visitors.

A visitor that is intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances.

Anyone who prohibits staff to carry out their roles and responsibilities.

Visitors who are unwell or displaying any signs of cold/flu, respiratory or
COVID-19 symptoms.

Refusal to comply with infection control directives including PPE (Personal
Protective Equipment) or infection wearing requirements will result in you being
refused entry and/or directed to leave the facility.

If a visitor exhibits behaviour that is not tolerated, Glenview will ask the visitor to
leave the home, if they refuse to do so, the Police will be notified and asked for
assistance to remove the offending person/s.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated to ensure a happy and safe environment
for all who visit our homes.