Living with COVID

Glenview recognises the importance of families and visitors to our homes and the contribution they make to our resident’s wellbeing.

We welcome all visitors while Glenview is Covid free. It is required that all staff, volunteers and visitors undertake a self RAT test and wear a N95 or P2 mask to help keep our community safe and well, as mandated by Public Health.

Community levels of transmission are high, and the risk of a reinfection incident remains very high.

We have put a plan together to open our doors and to keep them open safely, with your help and understanding. The following is in place to protect our vulnerable community:

From Monday 21 February visitors must complete a self RAT test before entry, EACH VISIT. Previously it was within 24 hours. This updated advice from Public Health.

All visitors must undergo a RAT test, including children. Unfortunately, we cannot allow children who cannot be RAT tested.

You can self-test in the foyer using one of our test packs or conduct your own test at home within 2 hours of entry.

Collect a test pack from the concierge in the foyer on EVEN dates at Windsor or on ODD dates at Korongee between 8.30am – 5pm. The concierge will guide you to conduct the test.

If you take your own test at home it must be within 2 hours of your intended visit. Bring a photo of the test result on your mobile and the negative test result in a zip lock bag.

If the concierge is not on duty, show the test result and proof of time and date to our reception staff, who will then direct you to sign in.

Visiting hours are 9am-5pm weekdays and 10am-3pm weekends.

More information is here.