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Our palliative approach

Specialised care for people with a life-limiting illness or condition

Physical, emotional, and spiritual support

We encourage you to discuss your end of life wishes with your family and your doctor before, or shortly after, your move to Glenview.

Even if death is a difficult subject to approach, documenting your wishes in an Advance Care Directive is highly recommended.

We commit to provide you with care that enables your quality of life, to respect your choices and maintain your dignity. The only way we can do this is to know what is important to you and carry out your wishes.

We encourage you and your family to have regular discussions with us as your needs change. We will schedule meetings to discuss your needs and organise additional meetings if your health deteriorates, or at your request.

This helps us to ensure we are all on the same page and know what is important to you, and your family at any given time.

You may have been diagnosed with an illness you will not recover from, and your death may be a considerable time in the future. Glenview’s focus is on your dignity and the quality of your life, and we will support you and your family through the process.

We offer these services to all residents when they approach the final stages of life:

  • Staff who are trained and skilled at managing end-of-life care, who make sure you are comfortable.
  • Access to palliative and specialist advice as needed like pain management and wound care.
  • Equipment (such as pressure mattresses and syringe drivers) avoiding the need for you to transfer to the hospital.
  • Support and written resources about what to expect at the end of life.
  • Access to pastoral/spiritual care as requested.
  • Provision of services such as aromatherapy, massage, and music, particularly in the final stages of life.