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Ros speaking at a training session.

Dementia TAS consultancy + training

We are available for consultation, to run information sessions, and provide cost-effective training for those working with people who live with dementia, and the families who provide support.

Our team is lead by Ros Calvert, a well respected diversional and dementia therapist, with over twenty years of experience as a trainer in Tasmania.


Dementia Tas offers a fee for service consultancy to assist organisations and staff to understand the changed responses of people who are living with dementia. We solve problems and provide strategies.


A comprehensive selection of video training sessions are available as:

  • a live video link or
  • a pre-recorded training video with a live video or phone session to follow up with Q and A. 

Dementia Care Mapping (DCM)

DCM is an excellent way to determine training gaps and evaluate programs and care, to enable continuous quality improvement.

Lifestyle assessment

An affordable consultation provides staff and families with strategies to assist with the changed responses and unexpected actions of a person living with dementia.

Contract training

Quality training delivered to registered training organisations for dementia units in aged care and disability training packages. 

Family information sessions

The sessions assist families to adjust to the progressive nature of dementia and empower them to provide positive support for people who have dementia, both in residential care and the community.

To learn how our sessions can help to improve your dementia care and understanding contact Ros on +61 3 6277 8800 or [email protected]