Residential Care 

Glenview Residential care is our full care option for guests who want to live a rich and rewarding life whilst having immediate access to help and support when it is needed. We provide an exceptional standard of care, with staff working closely with residents to ensure that all of their needs are met.

Palliative Approach

At Glenview we are aware that death can be a difficult subject to approach however we encourage you to discuss your end of life wishes with your family and your doctor before or shortly after your move into your new home at Glenview. Documenting your wishes in an Advance Care Directive is highly recommended.
We are committed to providing you with care that enables quality of life, respects your choices and maintains your dignity. The only way we can do this is to know what is important to you so that your wishes are carried out.
We encourage you and your family to have regular discussions with us as your needs change. We will schedule at least two meetings each year to discuss this.
There may be a need for additional meetings should your health deteriorate, or at your request. This helps us to ensure we are all on the same page in knowing what is important to you and your family at this time.
If you have been diagnosed with an illness you will not recover from (however your death may be some considerable time in the future) we focus on dignity and quality of life, supporting both you and your family through the process.
There are a range of services that we offer to all residents as they approach the final stages of life. These include:

  • Trained and skilled staff in managing end of life care, to make sure you are kept comfortable.
  • Access to palliative and other specialist advice as needed, for example on pain management or wound care
  • Equipment (such as pressure mattresses, syringe drivers etc), avoiding the need for you to transfer to hospital.
  • Support and written resources about what to expect at end of life.
  • Access to pastoral/spiritual care as requested
  • Provision of services such as aromatherapy, massage or music, particularly in the final stages of life
  • Glenview can accommodate family members should they wish to stay overnight, by providing a folding bed. Families can be provided with meals and supported to stay with you if you wish.

A chapel is located in Glenview, available for use at all hours.

Our purpose built sensory garden 

Dementia Care

Glenview offers a dedicated wing to provide for residents requiring dementia care.  The area is staffed by specialist staff, who provide tailored activities throughout the day.  Level access directly to our purpose built sensory garden allows for ease of use and unrestricted movement around this area of the home.

High Care

Our high care services are provided throughout the home for people with increased frailty who need regular assistance from staff for most daily activities.  Complex health needs are catered for, and requirements such as continence aids, pharmaceutical supplies, therapy services and basic medical supplies are provided to high care residents.

Low Care

For people who need minimal assistance.  General services such as laundry, room cleaning and additional help with personal care are available for low care residents.

Amenities and Services 

Shared Amenities

  • Small and cosy lounge areas throughout with quality furnishings and flat screen TVs
  • Balconies
  • A variety of small dining rooms
  • World class secure sensory and working garden
  • Chapel available 24 hours a day with frequent services
  • Heating and /air conditioning
  • Landscaped gardens with water features
  • Outdoor kitchen and entertainment areas, including BBQ area
  • Shared computers with Skype capabilities
  • Resident laundries available for those who choose to do their own washing
  • On public transport route
  • Easy access to the RSL, Golden Years Clubs, Northgate, local cinemas and restaurants

Free Services & Care

  • A range of activities including shopping trips, bingo, shuffle board, exercise classes, and concerts
  • Music therapy
  • Cooking Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Cocktails hours/beer and bites hour
  • Footcare clinic
  • Special functions including Summer Ball and Winter Lantern festivals
  • A range of alcoholic beverages provided with meals
  • Laundry services (pick and delivery)
  • WiFi
  • Library including videos and DVDs
  • Administration of accounts from particular service providers such as pharmacy, newsagent, hospital, and hairdresser (resident only pays the amount charged by the service provider)

Paid Services & Care

  • Telephone in-room ($100 connection fee and $50 handset rental, plus $10/ month plus call charges)
  • External day trips (prices vary based on the activity on the day)
  • A staff member to accompany you to appointments such as doctor or specialist ($40/hour)
  • Attendance at one of our day centres ($9/session)