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Visitors are welcome any time. This is a home not a medical institution and we encourage and welcome visitors 24/7.
All Glenview staff members are carefully selected. This ensures we always recruit staff that have the right attitude to helping people their lives to the full. In addition to this, all staff members are qualified to do the job we employ them to do. They must also have a national police check which is checked by our human resource team to ensure it meets the standards for working in aged care. The police check must be renewed every 3 years.
Putting your name down in advance does not mean there will be a room available when you are ready. There is no need to put your name down on our waitlist unless you are ready to consider moving into Glenview. In order to do this you will need to arrange a visit with an Aged Care Assessment Team through the Department of Health and Ageing, an assets assessment and complete an application form. Further information can be found on the Department of Health and Ageing website.
Contact our  Administration Team and they will point you in the right direction. You can also send your questions via our contact page here.
We work closely with you to ensure you have the right people helping you. If you are having problems with a staff member your case manager will address the issues.
We welcome animals visiting. Our more unusual visitors have been retired race horses, alpacas and hens laying eggs in the foyer! On occasion we have had dogs and other animals move into Glenview with their owners; we consider all requests but don’t necessarily accept all pets. As this is shared accommodation we need to make sure that the pet also fits in with our other residents so we often have a “probation period” for animals to make Glenview suits them and they suit us!
We can provide any assistance that you need to help you live the life you choose and remain in your own home. This can range from putting out the rubbish bins to organising help and support from organisations all over Australia, so you can go on a holiday and still receive respite and assistance.
When you move into Glenview it is your home and you are able to come and go as you choose. This includes overnight visits to family and friends as well as longer holidays.
Of course! The Deputy CEO and the Client Liaison Manager conduct regular tours of the home for prospective residents and their families. The tours cover areas of interest to those attending taking into account the privacy of our residents. There is always an opportunity to look at selected rooms (this is organised in agreement with residents who occupy those rooms) as well as the communal living areas, chapel, kitchenettes, dining rooms and gardens. Give us a call to book your spot on the next tour.
All Glenview rooms are single rooms. They either have their own en-suite or a bathroom shared between two rooms.
Each room has a telephone connection and the phone has its own number so families can phone directly into the resident’s room.
There are some rooms with interconnecting doors which can be used for married/defacto/ LGBTI couples if available. When couples move into Glenview every effort is made to ensure they have the privacy and opportunity to spend quality time together whenever they choose. Wherever possible we try and accommodate couples close together.
Each resident is encouraged to bring items from home to personalise their room. This can include items of furniture such as TV and chair, photos, paintings and other treasures. Each room contains a bed, wardrobe, bedside table, over bed table (high care) and a chair. Unfortunately you cannot bring your own bed from home as we need to be able to follow Work Health and Safety laws for our staff. At times it is possible for residents to bring their own mattress but this needs to be discussed with staff first as the type of mattress and bed need to work together.
When a room is available and offered to a potential resident, they are invited to view the room prior to making a decision whether to accept the room or not. Room allocation is determined on the needs of each resident. Residents and families can request internal moves which are always considered when a room becomes available.
Glenview has both private en-suites and en-suites shared between two rooms.
Residents and clients are consulted on all activities and the activity programs are designed, reviewed and changed in response to these reviews and consultations.
Our food is cooked on site and we have a four week rotating menu. One night you might be eating salmon and the next night, roast beef! Meals at Glenview are a social occasion and we have several small dining rooms close to where people live. We encourage and welcome families and friends to stay and share a meal; there is a small cost for family and friend meals.
At Glenview, family and friends are encouraged to visit as often as they like, however we only facilitate families to stay overnight if your loved one has reached end of life care. If this is the case for you and you would like to support your loved one through their end of life care, we can provide a roller bed in the residents room on request. If you would like further information, please contact our admin team.