Glenview goes Woolly in June 2016!

Inspired by the great success of the Glenview yarn bombed buses for the 2014 Christmas Pageant The Glenview Engagement Team has taken the challenge to engage the Community to yarn bomb Glenview!


What does this mean? We want your knitting, squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, pom poms, weaving, French knitting, looming and yarn flowers!

We are going to yarn bomb bikes, walls, trees, tables, chairs, poles, windows, you name it we will make it woolly!

As Glenview is a big place we will need lots and lots of knitters and yarn. So if you love to knit or crochet or know someone who would like to knit for art we would love your help. We have just under 12 months to create as much woolly art as possible.

How can you help? You can help us by

  • Submitting a woolly sculpture, display or art work
  • Choosing a section of Glenview to yarn bomb with a theme in mind small, large or somewhere in between
  • Knitting, crocheting, pom-poming, looming, weaving spare wool for us to use around Glenview Home
  • Donating wool for us to use with our Residents and Clients
  • Visiting us in June 2016 to admire the art work as part of our Winter Lantern Festival.

Not sure what Yarn Bombing is? Check out our Pinterest page for some inspiration


If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas please email Skye Bowron, Client Engagement Manager at or telephone Skye, Karen or Meagan on (03) 6277 8800