Bisdee House Men’s Shed

On any morning down at the Mens Shed you will find someone sharing a joke around the old wooden table in front of a generous container of biscuits, holding a cuppa between their hands.

Others at thetable may be waiting for their paintwork to dry or quietly considering their work and what they need to do next. Some days the table is surrounded with cheerful, noisy men,all with a story to tell. There are always some of our great volunteers sitting there too, offering a hand or a joke, lending a day here and a day there to be with the men in the Shed. Today it is a quieter day. No-one knows why some days are quiet and some are noisy. And it doesnt matter. They are all good.

The lathe outside is having a slow day and Geoff, one of the Mens Shed support workers, laughs about it being a bit temperamental and somehow, you are sure it will all come right.

That is the ageless feeling in the Mens Shed atGlenview.

That no matter how hard the day is or temperamental the machinery is, all will be well, in its own good time.

The Shed is open 6 days a week 10.00 2.00pm Drop in and say hello anytime!